Lake Lugano Towns & Villages

Lake Lugano Towns & Villages

Towns & Villages near Lake Lugano

Riva San Vitale

Riva San Vitale is a major place to visit when you go to Lake Lugano and it is a municipality of the Swiss canton of Ticino, the town of Riva San Vitale is charming with it's natural beauty and historic significance. Riva San Vitale offers you lots of attractions with it's historic buildings and architecture you can go back to the 16th century when you visit the Temple of the Holy Cross or the historical building of Casa Houck, formerly known as the Della Croce or the church of St. Plebani Vitale Vitale. The Town Hall is a typical example of the Renaissance architecture, the 17th and 18th century building of Oratorio di S. Rocco, and the 5th century Baptistery of Saint John are attractions that you must not miss when you visit Riva San Vitale.

Porto Ceresio

Porto Ceresio is situated on the shore of Lake Lugano and is located in the Italian province of Varese in Lombardy that borders on Switzerland, if you are looking for a relaxing holiday in the lake region then Porto Ceresio is your ideal destination, it is also convenient as a base from where you can go on excursions into either Italy or Switzerland and enjoy the numerous attractions offered. The town of Porto Ceresio itself is an attractive place for entertainment and fashion shows, the crafts market and the ritual procession of boats on the lake make Porto Ceresio a place not to miss, you can also go on a cruise, a walking tour or indulge in sports activities.


Paradiso is located in the Lugano district of the canton of Ticino near lake Lugano and is close to Campione d'Italia, Paradiso is one of those places in Switzerland that you must visit when your touring Lake Lugano and looking to find attractive places to visit in the area. There are several attractions that Paradiso offers it's visitors, including the funicular railway at the top of Mount San Salvadore which is a major attraction where you can view breathtaking panoramic sights of lake Lugano or you could go on a botanical tour of the nature park and check out the museums. For recreation you can visit the Sguancia Sports Centre, the Paradiso Tennis Club or the Municipal swimming pool Conca d'Oro, there are varied entertainment opportunities in the town and the walking tour on the life path of Paradiso along Mount San Salvatore should also not be missed.


When you are exploring Lake Lugano, Cressogno, San Mamete, Albogasio, Oria, and Santa Margherita are in the comune of Valsolda, Albogasio is connected along the mountain top by a mule track where you can find the historic Palace of Column and the Villa Salve, formerly Palace Affaitati, you can also see a beautiful view of the church of Annunciation from the scenic shore of the lake.

The village of Cressogno is overlooking the lake and Fogazzaro's Piccolo mondo antico, one attraction you should visit is the church of San Nicola and the Sanctuary of Caravino which are the major attractions here and has remarkable paintings, frescoes and altarpieces. The village of San Mamete is picturesque and peaceful with a fairytale like castle, the beautiful valley of Valsolda is in the background.


If you are travelling around Lake Lugano a memorable place to visit is the municipality of Agno near the town of Lugano and is located in the district of Lugano in the Swiss canton of Ticino. Agno is most known for being the gateway to the rolling landscape of Malcontene to the foot of Monte Lema. Traditional houses made of stone, grotti or taverns, historic churches and town squares sum up the attractions that make Agno one of the most visited places along Lake Lugano, the small Lugano Ponte Tresa Railway Museum at Agno railway station is one of the places of interest that you must not miss when you visit Agno, Esploratori S. Giorgio and the musical extravaganza with the Filarmonica Agno also constitute as major attractions.


Lugano is a Swiss town located in the Italian speaking canton of Ticino, bordering Italy, Lugano is situated near the cities of Locarno, Como and Milan and has many attractions like the 9th and 15th century St. Lawrence Cathedral, the 16th century St. Mary of the Angels Church having the fresco of Christ's Passion by Bernardino Luini, Villa Ciani and Favorita, Monte San Salvatore, Bre and Generoso. If you are an art and history enthusiast then you will enjoy a visit at the Cantonal Art Museum, the Municipal Art Museum, the Historical Museum, the Cantonal Museum of Natural History, and the Gottardo Gallery, other places worth visiting are the Herman Hesse Museum or the William Schimd Museum, you can also find out more about other cultures at the Museum of Extra European Cultures.


Bissone is located at the southernmost tip of Switzerland, Bissone is a delightful little village on the shore of Lake Lugano, Bissone has historical significance as it is the birthplace place of several artists including painter Carpoforo Tencalla, architect Francesco Borromini, singer, dancer, actress Caterina Valente, sculptors Stefano Maderno, Francesco Somaini and Gaggini. The most important tourist attractions in Bissone are the ancient churches of San Carpoforo and San Rocco, there is a charming path that leads to lake Melide where you can take a walking tour, Bissone is next to Lake Lugano and stretches on the shore of Ceresio.


If your visiting Lake Lugano and want to check out the attractions one place that you should visit is the picturesque Swiss village of Gandria which is situated on the shore of Lake Lugano, why not hire a boat and visit the villages around the district of Lugano from Gandria. If you like walking, you can take a walking tour to Lugano and the neighbouring villages along the olive path in Gandria.

Ponte Tresa

Ponte Tresa is along Lake Lugano and is partially located in Switzerland and partially in Italy, the picturesque Swiss village of Ponte Tresa is near the Lugano district and Lavena Ponte Tresa is in the province of Varese in Lombardy. It's scenic beauty is the main attraction of this place along the lake and your tour of the country will not be complete without a visit here. Not only can you enjoy it's charming scenery you can enjoy plenty of activities too, if you like to play golf then this is an ideal destination for you, with it's splendid golf clubs Patriziale Ascona and Gerre Losone. Another place you shouldn't miss is the Centro esposizioni di Lugano where interesting exhibitions are taking place all throughout the year.


Morcote is a picturesque village along Lugano Lake and is known not only for it's unmatchable scenic beauty but also for it's antique shops. The houses of the village surround the lake and there are antique shops that overlook the lake, also the beautiful Church of Santa Maria del Sasso with it's beautiful architectural work that dates back to the 16th century is located here. Another must visit place in Morcote village is the Scherrer Monument Park that has beautiful Egyptian and Greek temples, all these things make it a beautiful place to visit.


Porlezza sits on the Eastern shore of Lake Lugano, all the towns in this area benefit from a wonderful microclimate that allows wonderful growth of verdant foliage, in winter the tree line is high and although the greenery has lost it's leaves in autumn you can still see the how high the trees reach, because of this the region is very attractive to hikers, walkers, photographers and outdoor enthusiasts.


There are lots of villages and hamlets around Porlezza (Vesetto, Corrido, Molzano, Gnallo, Cezza, Carlazzo and Gottro). The largest of these and best known is Carlazzo, which is close the nature reserve of the Piano Lake and has a rich, ancient history. Carlazzo has it's own castle and medieval fortifications, as with most towns and villages around the lakes they have a heritage steeped in religion, and this region is no different.

The Church of St. Giorgio in near Gottro and is well worth a visit just to see the Romanesque Bell Tower, other churches on your visit should include St. Stefano which houses a famous organ made by the Serassi family back in 1858. The Serassi family is one of the most famous organ builders in Italy and Europe and have been making organs for six generations, from 1720 to 1895; their name is synonymous with quality in Lombardy and Porlezza.


Caslano is a lakeside village near Lake Lugano, the village is full of greenery and is known for it's wildlife, the village of Caslano is a great place for tourists as it offers a range of tourist activities like trekking through the mountains along the green paths surrounding the village and has treks to religious monuments and visits to ancient buildings, there is also a Cultural Museum of Fishing in the village and you can also visit the Chocolate Museum.


Montagnola is a Swiss village overlooking Lake Lugano which is close to the border of Switzerland and Italy and is an important place to visit because there is a house where the famous German/Swiss poet, novelist and painter, Herman Hesse lived. The Nobel Prize winner in literature lived half his life in this house in Montagnol, apart from this the beauty of the place makes it perfect for small treks.


Pregassona is another small village near Lake Lugano and is situated on the slopes of Monte Bre, the forests and green surroundings of the village make it a beautiful place. When in this small village take a trek to Monte Bre, the village of Pregassona is small, attractive and is a perfect place to relax.

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  • Towns & Villages near Lake Lugano
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