Getting Around Lake Lugano

Getting Around Lake Lugano

Lake Lugano Travel

There are plenty ways you can travel around Lake Lugano, visiting it's many attractions, like Lugano falls, Ticino, San Salvatore Mountain, Ceresio peninsula and Morcote which can be reached by car, train, bicycle or Boat.

Getting around Lake Lugano by Car

Lugano is a wonderful town of parks, flowers, villas and sacred buildings, the town has a Mediterranean flair and tempts guests for it's fine amenities, the amazing aspect of Lugano is it's superb blending of a world class city and a small town. Cars are the most reliable and efficient way to go from place to place in Lugano where there are several car rental agencies available, moreover driving is a great pleasure in Lugano as the roads are well maintained, besides it's well signposted and the roads are not congested making travelling around Lugano a fun experience.

Getting around Lake Lugano by Train

Getting around Lugano by train is a nice experience as the city has superior train connectivity within and outside the city, tourists can easily reach every part of Switzerland by train, seeing the natural splendour of Switzerland by train is a once in a lifetime experience and tourists should never let this wonderful prospect go to waste. Visiting Lugano by train assures the splendid vistas on the way up as the scenic landscapes of Lugano mesmerize tourists and the natural vistas of the nearby forest are also availed by travelling by train in Lugano.

Cycling around Lake Lugano

Lugano is in the holiday region of Ticino and is a significant financial centre of Switzerland, it's a wonderful place surrounded with natural beauty, parks, Villas and charming sacred buildings give it a beautiful mix of a rustic community, cycling is one of the best ways to explore the countryside around Lugano, tourists can cycle on more than 20 cycling routes through the surrounding areas. The cycle routes in Lugano are both long and short, as well as easy and hard, cycling tourists can head for the mountainous landscape of the Ceresio peninsula, stretching it's limit unswervingly behind the San Salvatore Mountain opposite Lugano this offers amazing lake views to the east, south and west that make for a memorable day out.

Getting around Lake Lugano by Boat

Many tourists prefer a boat ride to explore the diversity of the Lake Lugano region, any boat ride in Lugano assures natural delights and outstanding views. Taking a boat around the lake offers a great view from the upper deck of the lake steamer and delights tourists with amazing sites of Morcote and Gandria, Morcote attracts many tourists to the grand mansions and also the church of Santa Maria del Sasso offers splendid views.

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