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When you are exploring Lake Lugano, Cressogno, San Mamete, Albogasio, Oria, and Santa Margherita are in the comune of Valsolda, Albogasio is connected along the mountain top by a mule track where you can find the historic Palace of Column and the Villa Salve, formerly Palace Affaitati, you can also see a beautiful view of the church of Annunciation from the scenic shore of the lake.

The village of Cressogno is overlooking the lake and Fogazzaro's Piccolo mondo antico, one attraction you should visit is the church of San Nicola and the Sanctuary of Caravino which are the major attractions here and has remarkable paintings, frescoes and altarpieces. The village of San Mamete is picturesque and peaceful with a fairytale like castle, the beautiful valley of Valsolda is in the background.

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